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Sofie Bruce is a licensed insurance broker in the province of Manitoba and owner of Bruce Benefits. Sofie has been working in insurance for almost 20 years and focuses on group health insurance for small business and individual insurance including life insurance, disability insurance, and critical illness insurance.
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You are currently viewing 5 reasons health insurance is better than a health spending account

One of the options you have when deciding on health insurance and benefits for your business, your family, and your employees is to forgo insurance all together and instead use a Health Spending Account (HSA) on it’s own. While doing this might save you a bit of money in the short-term, it doesn’t take into account some of the important benefits of insurance. The main reason is that HSA’s provide no protection for you and your family, your business, or your employees in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

We’ve covered some of the benefits recently on our blog:

1. Group Health Insurance helps you plan for the future

2. Group Health Insurance helps protect you and your family

3. Group Health Plans include coverage for medical related travel

5. An HSA can be added to your Group Health Insurance