Extended Health Benefits

Benefit: 80% coverage of prescription drugs listed on the ASSURE National Formulary, 50% drug coverage if not listed, up to a maximum of $1,000 per person per year. 100% Travel Health and Hospital benefits, and 80% coverage for all other benefits. There is no deductible. There is no overall maximum though specific benefits may have annual or lifetime limits.

Prescription Drugs:

  • up to $1,000 /person/calendar year. Fertility drugs; smoking cessation aids; erectile dysfunction drugs/items; travel vaccines; and drugs, injections or products for treatment of obesity are not covered. The plan substitutes generic equivalents whenever possible.
  • prescription drug purchases are processed at the pharmacy using the ASSURE card.

Extended Health Benefits:

  • Paramedical services up to $300/specialty/person/calendar year. Includes chiropractors;
  • physiotherapists and massage therapists.

  • Paramedical services up to $400/specialty/person/calendar year. Includes podiatrists/chiropodists;
  • naturopaths; osteopaths; acupuncturists; clinical dieticians and audiologists.

  • Paramedical services up to $500/specialty/person/calendar year. Includes psychologists/social
  • workers and speech therapists.

  • All Paramedical services have a combined annual maximum of $2,500 per certificate.
  • Semi-private / convalescent hospital.
  • Ambulance (ground: unlimited / air: $4,000 maximum).
  • Eye exams up to $75/adult every 24 months; $75/child every 12 months.
  • Nursing care up to $25,000/person/24 months.
  • Hearing aids up to $500/person every 48 months.
  • Medical Equipment, up to $2,000* per year, including: wheelchairs, respirators, oxygen, hospital
  • beds, breast prosthesis, artificial limbs, eyes, braces for limb truss, walking aids, diabetic, colostomy and ileostomy supplies. (*some items may have annual, lifetime or other limits)

  • Orthotics up to $200/person/calendar year.
  • Orthopaedic shoes (custom designed) up to $225/person/calendar year.
  • Travel costs for medically necessary treatments,up to $750/person every 24 months. Dental repairs as a result of an accident while insured ($2,000 per year).
  • Vision Care:

  • maximum benefit is $200 per person. The maximum applies to any 24 month period for adults, and any 12 month period for children.
  • Medical Emergency Assistance / Travel Health Benefits:

  • 24 hour emergency assistance finding medical help abroad, including emergency medical payments and evacuation, where required.
  • hospital and physician charges for emergency treatment outside Canada.
  • 24-month Survivor Benefit for a deceased employee’s insured spouse and dependents.